Car Dealerships: A Quick Guide

Couple Signing Agreement

Car dealers are those that sell brand new and 2nd hand cars and they are either exclusively selling a brand or open to sell many other brands especially those in the 2nd hand car business. Car dealers who have been in the retail of brand new cars have usually big capitals and those who have earned the trust of most car manufacturers may unload a number of brand new cars without payments. There are quotas for cars and usually, it is best to buy brand new cars at the end of the month because there are better sales proposals and freebies included such as free chattel mortgage, free insurance, free 3 years registration and discounts because these dealers have monthly allocation of car to dispose.

Brand new cars are also maintained by these Nissan km 0 dealers and if you are an owner of the car, you are required to visit their store every 5,000 kilometers for check-up and oil change. Here the cars are quoted for their maintenance schedule as to how much you have to pay. As the miles in your car increases, so too will be the amount of money you pay for the regular maintenance because it is not only oil change that the car is expected to be made upon but the brakes, air-conditioning system, engine wash and many more.

For car dealers who have decided to limit their sales to 2nd hand cars, they usually buy cars from owners who have different reasons of selling and they repair these cars and sell them for a profit. Although 2nd hand cars are appealing to people who does not have enough money to buy a brand new car, there are more needed than just walking into a Citroen car dealer’s shop and picking your choice of 2nd hand car and that’s it. In buying 2nd hand cars, there are a few tips that you should follow to have that value for money such as bringing a good mechanic with you if you are not familiar with engines and he will take a look for signs of decompression and other engine trouble.

Because these cars have been in the road for some time before being parked in the shade and placed for sale, these cars should be inspected for history of accidents, paint jobs and wear and tear of accessories. Most of these cars are well polished and shiny in order to hide their imperfections. Buying a 2nd hand car is great for your budget. To learn more about car dealership, you can visit


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